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Hi :)

My name is César Paim

I'm a Brazil-based digital product designer. I’m always open to learn, because that’s how I got into this industry. I’m originally a graphic designer, worked in fashion with textile design and advertising as an art director.


I found my place at product design because I got to integrate all the skills acquired from all previously mentioned fields with great interpersonal communication and attention to detail building new and exciting experiences. I learn best by doing and that’s how I continue to learn new approaches to product design.

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As a Designer, I Work to

Create Efficient Solutions 


I thrive to have the technical and creative skills to bring ideas to life, integrating the expertise of collaborators to make sure they're feasible and user-centered.

Be a Facilitator

I'm responsible for translating design decisions to the team and the client, cultivating a shared understanding of the product and engaging both sides to drive the project forward.

Bring a Holistic View

It's part of my job to have a broader view of the product, its evolution, and its impacts, bringing that perspective to the team and helping management with long-term strategies.

Serve as a Bridge

I like to build connections, creating inclusive environments that bring together people from diverse backgrounds. Fostering collaborations and creating community.

Currently in

Recife, Brazil


Open to relocation (visa-sponsored) or remote full-time work.


• Product Discovery

• Roadmap Building

• Design System

• Lean UX

• Wireframing

• User Research

• User Journey Mapping

• Usability Testing

• Data Visualization

• Metrics Analysis


• Figma

• Adobe Xd

• Adobe Illustrator

• Axure

• Sketch

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